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Circle Warm Up

Circle Warm up


Divide the group in half and have half the players create a circle. These players should each have a ball and the other half of the players inside the circle without a ball. When the coach says go, players on the inside run to a player on the outside and receive a pass and touch it back (total of 2 touches). They then run to another player on the outside and do the same. After 45 seconds, switch the group on the outside with the group on the inside.

Coaching points
Keep head up
Communicate – call for the ball
Correct weight of pass
Pass should be on the ground so easy to handle
Speed of play

one touch
foot volley / thigh volley / chest volley
receive ball, turn and find a different player to pass the ball to
Pass and move – players on the inside have the ball and pass to player on the outside – switch places




Technical and Tactical Focus

  • Dribbling
  • Inside of the foot-push pass
  • Inside of the foot and top of the thigh ball control
  •  Shooting (Instep Kick)
  • Throw-in
  • Juggling
  • Goalkeeping

Attacking --> SCORE !
                       Maintain Possession
Advance Ball

Defending --> Prevent Scoring
                       Regain Possession
Delay Opponents

Principles of Play (used to achieve Objectives)
 Penetration Pressure
 Support Cover
 Mobility Balance
Creativity Composure 


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