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2 v 2

2 v 2

Set up a grid approximately 10x20 yards. A wider grid favors the offense and a narrower grid favors the defense. Form 2 lines of players on each end - one line with the balls. One player serves the ball to either player on the other end of the grid. The serving player and their partner become defenders and the receiving player and their partner become attackers. The goal is for the attacking players to stop the ball on the endline on the opposite side of the grid.

Offense Coaching Points
First touch in a positive direction
Move forward quickly at pace
Keep the ball close and under control
As soon as the defender is beat, ACCELERATE
Mobility is key – both players must move constantly
Player without the ball should move in a position to support the player with the ball
Give and go/Overlapping runs/Be creative!

Defense Coaching Points
First defender is the player closest to the ball
Must communicate “I've got ball”
-Must close the gap quickly – travel when the ball travels
Slow down as you get close to the player
Make a bending run to try to dictate where the offense should go (make play predictable)
Assume good defensive position
Stay on your toes so as to quickly change position
First emphasis – Delay Offense
Steal the ball once a mistake is made
Don't stab – be patient
Second defender should take a position central and a couple steps behind the first defender
First and Second defenders shift together as the ball shifts
As the ball is played from one side to the other
-First and Second defender switch
-Communicate who has the player with the ball
-second defender must move back and central to prevent through and give and go balls
A defender must always be pressuring the player with the ball


Technical and Tactical Focus

  • Dribbling
  • Inside of the foot-push pass
  • Inside of the foot and top of the thigh ball control
  •  Shooting (Instep Kick)
  • Throw-in
  • Juggling
  • Goalkeeping

Attacking --> SCORE !
                       Maintain Possession
Advance Ball

Defending --> Prevent Scoring
                       Regain Possession
Delay Opponents

Principles of Play (used to achieve Objectives)
 Penetration Pressure
 Support Cover
 Mobility Balance
Creativity Composure 


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