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Dribble Across A Square

Dribble across a square

Using cones, set up a square with each side about 10 steps long.

Give every player a ball and spread players around the edges of the square, all facing toward the inside of the square.

The coach designates a number of points that the game will be played to. When the coach says Go, all players dribble across to the opposite side of the square and turn, go back and turn, etc. Every turn is one point. Players keep their own score. When the first player reaches the designated number of turns, have them yell Done and everyone stops. Ask each player their score and have them try to beat that score the next time.

Coaching Tips:

  • Keep head up

  • Use all surfaces of both feet

  • Keep the ball close when in traffic and accelerate when you find space

  • Practice quick turns at each side

  • Progress by showing different turns the players can use.

Technical and Tactical Focus

  • Dribbling
  • Inside of the foot-push pass
  • Inside of the foot and top of the thigh ball control
  •  Shooting (Instep Kick)
  • Throw-in
  • Juggling
  • Goalkeeping

Attacking --> SCORE !
                       Maintain Possession
Advance Ball

Defending --> Prevent Scoring
                       Regain Possession
Delay Opponents

Principles of Play (used to achieve Objectives)
 Penetration Pressure
 Support Cover
 Mobility Balance
Creativity Composure 


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