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8U Curriculum Week 2 Session 1 and 2

8U Week 2 Session 1

Warm Up/Activity – 15 minutes
Not in My Yard. Set up a “fence” of cones or discs dividing the grid in half in order to establish two “yards.” All players with ball. Divide the team into two equal groups and place each group in a yard. This is a timed event. Upon command, players are to kick their ball into the other team’s yard. The objective is to keep each yard free of balls. Parents should be used around the perimeter of the grid to keep the balls in play. At the end of time, the group with the least number of balls in their yard wins.
Coaching Points:
When passing ball should stay on the ground
lock ankle
heel down, toe up
use inside of foot to pass to get best control of the ball
plant foot (non kicking foot) even with the ball and pointing in the direction of the pass

 Scrimmage – 15 minutes
Split players evenly into teams and let them play


8U Week 2 Session 2

Warm up/Activity (15 minutes)
Passing by the Numbers
Outline a rectangular area about 30-40 yards. Number the players beginning with #1 and continuing up through the number of players in the group. Give one player a ball to begin the game. All players begin jogging in the area, the one with the ball dribbling it. The player with the ball locates the teammate numbered directly above and pass to him or her. The player with the highest number passes to #1. All players should move continuously as they pass and receive. After players understand the sequence, add an additional ball.
Progress by adding challenges: Make the game more challenging by requiring players to pass only with their weaker foot, or speed up the passes by timing the numbered sequence twice and see if they can beat their time.
Coaching points:
Encourage players to keep their head up to see the field.
Encourage players to pass and receive in a smooth, controlled manner.
The ball should never completely be stopped, rather it should be received and controlled in the direction of the player's next movement.

Scrimmage – 15 minutes
Split players evenly into teams and let them play

Download 8U Training Session - Week 1

8U Technical Focus

  • Dribbling
  • Passing / Receiving
  •  Shooting (Instep Kick)

Attacking --> SCORE !
                       Maintain Possession
Defending --> Prevent Scoring
                       Regain Possession

Principles of Play (used to achieve Objectives)
 Penetration Pressure
 Support Cover
 Mobility Balance


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