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6U Curriculum Week 6

6U Week 6

Warm Up – 10 minutes
Line up half of the players on each side of the field. Give all players on one side a ball. The coach runs through the middle of the field and the players try to hit the coach with the ball below the knee. When balls go to the other side, that side shoots. Get parents involved in the middle also.

Coaching Points:
Players should avoid using the toe to kick
Ankle locked, toe down so they kick the ball with laces
Follow Through in the direction of the shot
Plant foot (non-shooting foot) should be even or just behind the ball

Activity – 10 minutes
pace Travel.  Set up a portable goal centered on each of the 4 sides of the field. Set up a circle “Earth” just outside the field. All players have a ball start on earth. On command of “Go,” players are to travel to each “planet” (goal) and score at each planet in any order. Have parents at each planet removing the balls from the goal as each player scores. As a player finishes scoring in all goals, they are to dribble back to earth and wait for all players to finish, Repeat.

Scrimmage – 20 minutes
Split players evenly into teams with 3-4 players each and play a game on each field. Have parents surround the field to help keep the ball in play. Give the players a 1 minute water break each 5 minutes.

Download 6U Training Session - Week 6

6U Technical Focus

  • Dribbling
  • Passing / Receiving
  •  Shooting (Instep Kick)

Attacking --> SCORE !
Defending --> Prevent Scoring

Principles of Play (used to achieve Objectives)


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