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6U Curriculum Week 4

6U Week 4

Warm Up – 10 minutes
Sailing the Seas
High Winds– players dribble fast
No Wind – players jog and dribble slower
Hurricane – players dribble in a circle
Rogue Wave – players dribble backward
Players dribble all over the field and listen for coach to call out different conditions

Coaching Points:
Use players names and encourage and congratulate players.
Make sure players keep head up and look around
Keep the ball close, using all surfaces of the both feet
When there is space (less players so more room), dribble faster with longer touches
In tight, crowded spaces with more players, use closer touches and dribble slower

Activity – 10 minutes
Hungry Hungry Hippos (sometimes called Sharks and Minnows and other names)
Players line up on one end of the field each with a ball. One player in the middle “channel” without a ball is the hungry hippo. On coach's signal, players try to dribble across the field to the other side. The hungry hippo tries to touch the players ball – if the ball is touched, that player becomes another hungry hippo. When players reach the other side, they wait for the coach's signal to dribble back to the other side. Continue until all players become hippos and start again.

Coaching Points:
Encourage players to look for open space to dribble
Encourage players to try moves to fake out the hippo
Encourage players to use speed when they pass the hippo
Dribble with head up and look around

Scrimmage – 20 minutes
Split players evenly into teams with 3-4 players each and play a game on each field. Have parents surround the field to help keep the ball in play. Give the players a 1 minute water break each 5 minutes.

Download 6U Training Session - Week 4 

6U Technical Video - Dribbling Moves

6U Technical Focus

  • Dribbling
  • Passing / Receiving
  •  Shooting (Instep Kick)

Attacking --> SCORE !
Defending --> Prevent Scoring

Principles of Play (used to achieve Objectives)


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